Empowerment Ritual
Allow yourself to be empowered and vitalized with this energy giving experience ritual. Incorporating soft red light, the Red Empowering Ritual focuses on the base chakra, which is associated with self-awareness, vitality and stamina. If you are feeling insecure or sluggish, you will emerge feeling completely rejuvenated and renewed, ready to face the world with increased energy and spirit.
JOD 125.00
Energizing Earth Wrap
The earth is laden with healing minerals that have been celebrated for thousands of years. Enjoy a complete revitalizing and detoxifying experience using the pure elements of the energizing qualities of mother earth.
JOD 50.00
Enlivening Ritual
Designed to increase your natural zest for life, the Enlivening Ritual focuses on the sacral chakra, which is associated with creativity, self-respect and enlivening. If you are feeling depleted or the effect of jet lag has caught up with you, your therapist will take you into a child-like world of discovery where soft orange light and a soft healing touch will uplift your spirits and instill in you a lasting feeling of elation, joy and happiness.
JOD 125.00
Confidence Ritual
The color yellow corresponds to the solar plexus and is associated with increased confidence and assertiveness. By selecting the Confidence Ritual, you are choosing to embark on a journey where the pressures and gloom of the outside world fade away to reveal the inner brightness and lucidity of life.
JOD 125.00
Harmonizing Ritual
Unconditional love, associated with the color green, has been the quest of many and yet eludes all but the most valiant of seekers. If you have been hurt previously, find it difficult to accept new love in your life or tend to judge unfairly, the Harmonizing Ritual will assist you in revealing an inner-world of compassion, acceptance and harmony.
JOD 125.00
Spirit Ritual
Let the outside world fade into oblivion as you enter a timeless realm and reunite with the true essence of your being – your higher self. If you find it hard to switch off or meditate, the violet Spirit Ritual will help you connect with your innate spirituality and higher consciousness, resulting in increasing self-knowledge and awareness.
JOD 125.00
Clearing Ritual
Represented by the color blue, the blue Clearing Ritual focuses on personal expression and communication. If you are feeling congested or find it difficult to speak your thoughts, you will be taken on a journey to greater clarity of mind, improvement of creative expression and enhanced personal interaction.
JOD 125.00
Inspiring Ritual
Lie back, breathe deeply and relax as you are taken on a journey to the far recesses of your mind. Focusing on the healing powers of the color indigo, this inspiring ritual is based on Indian marma point yoga stretching massage, an ancient wisdom to promote balance between the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental levels. If you are constantly going through the motions of everyday life but lacking meaning then you will find the power of your authentic self, heightening intuition and self-awareness through the ritual.
JOD 125.00
Wisdom Chakra Massage
Knowing of joy Vishuddha, the throat chakra, is located in the center of the throat. This experience uses the healing essential oils cedar wood and jasmine with a highly specialized marma massage to balance Vishuddha. It enables the acknowledgment and expression of truth, reconnects the mind to a positive flow, and encourages deep and restful sleep.
JOD 90.00